Digital Marketing- The New Approach to Website Design

In the beginning it was easy. Just having a website was a competitive advantage. All you needed was a very simple website that had a little about your business, you products or services. Customers looking for you on the internet found you easily because most of your competitors just didn’t have a website. But the digital World has moved on, most companies have a website before the company is legally setup. Companies that set the website up five years ago have neglected them, creating opportunities for new companies that are starting and leading with Digital Marketing, or being left being by competitors who just ‘Get It’ first.

The facts speak for themselves

-90% of significant purchases are researched online

-Use of Mobile Devices such as iPads to access website is growing astronomically, but many websites just can’t be viewed by on smart phones or Tablets cutting them off from a vast audience.

The focus of a website is no longer just to be a brochure its focus must be to open and maintain a conversation with your potential customer and act as a hub for your existing customers.

-An effective website these days must

-Attract the Attentions of the Visitor in 8 seconds

-Give your customer the information they are looking for about your product or service.

-Must provide relevant and useful and easy to access information to the customer

-Give a new customer a reason to get in touch so you can deepen your relationship

-Use Video as well as Graphics and Text

Be Accessible on Mobile Devices

Link with the major Social Media tools. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter being the most critical. When they have a choice people will buy from people they Know, Like and trust

Your website is now a Communication Hub with your potential and existing customer. This gives you an amazing the opportunity to connect with build a relationship that can lead to a visitor becoming a customer. The digital world has moved on, if you are not using all at your disposal to communicate and connect with your customers, why should they connect with you?